Blogs, Podcasts, and Forums

I add sites that I found interesting in addition to sites that link here. If you aren’t linked and would like to be, just send me an email.

Medical/EMS Websites:

Student Doctor Network

First Responder Network

EMS Blogs

EMS World


Other Blogs:

A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver

Band-Aid Bandit

Captains Chair Confessions

Earn Money Sleeping

EMS Basics

Firefighter Paramedic Stories

Fire Law [note: Very EMS relevant]

Granting “Sirenity”

Life Under the Lights

Medic 22

Medic 999

Probie to Practitioner

Rescuing Providence

Rogue Medic

That’s BLS, not BS

The Eccentricities of Life

The Happy Medic

Life of a Transport Monkey


Confessions of an EMS Newbie


EMT City

EMT Life

JEMS Connect

Miscellaneous Websites

Fark (news website)

Drudge Report